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Thursday, 4 October 2007

Svaneti Walk, June 2007 (top to bottom)

Top clip - panorama of the campsite.

Middle - a rare appearance by the usual cameraman, filmed by the usual actor. My reply to Jeff is something about "Rice and chicken"; then I ask him if he has ever had rice cooked on a fire before.

Bottom - the beautiful little spring-fed pond where I took some photos of Ushba peeking over the forest and gathered water in the idyll, unaware that back at the campsite Jeff was being given the run-around by the recently-escaped Nightmare. Thank Heavens he managed to hobble after her and grab her by the stirrup, then wait for me to return, or we might have lost her for the rest of the walk and been stranded.

There are only 2 more videos from the June Svaneti walk, both back in Etseri, our starting point. Between these clips of today and those 2, we: settled with the crazy horse; began walking towards Mestia; put Jeff on the horse on top of all the baggage as his blisters had finally got the better of him (his added weight didn't slow her down in the slightest); upon reaching Mestia, put Jeff and all the baggage into a car for Etseri, while I rode the Nightmare there. It only took me 2 1/2 hours, with some galloping and some rain and some more final craziness from the beast.

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