Top: World's first 360-degree Panorama of Ushguli, Svaneti, Georgia, Feb 24/2009, from 12 separate photos...

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Abastumani, Georgia

I TOLD you Abastumani was disintegrating.

These scupltures of nude children are in the garden of the former Tsar's "cottage". Resore the building if you must, I say, but please keep this trio as they are! They're much more interesting in this form, and symbolic of he general decay

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Abastumani, Georgia

Back after a LONNNGGG break! We've been in Svaneti for 9 days now - internet here in Etseri is present but slow.

These pics are from Abastumani, another of our June honeymoon breaks, where we stayed with a friend for a couple of days, enjoying the evergreen forests and cool. Vardzia, nearby, couldn't be more different - dry ancient hills and HEAT. Abastumani was a Russian-Empire resort town, and its glory is fading and disintegrating to a fascinating chaos. More to follow.