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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Wedding pictures, 1

The weather was beautiful, not too hot, no rain (until we were safely in our hotel that evening).  The bride had had a back tooth out the day before, though, as it had been bothering her a lot up to then - my idea, but thank God she didn't blame me!  So she had a swollen jaw and quite a lot of post-extraction pain, but rallied amazingly and enjoyed herself immensely, as did I.

All pics by Nino Narozauli, see  for her blog (and don't worry if you can't read or display Georgian)

From the top:
She waiting to enter the church

Witnesses carrying the crowns and rings

The minister's son, Esaia (Isaiah), in traditional Tbilisi costume, leading me to the altar

Lali's father leading her to me...

More pics to follow daily!