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Saturday, 7 July 2007

Cavo Greko, Cyprus, July 2007

The east side of the island. Gotta luv that magnificent blue water, so clear. Having a great time. Wish you were here.

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Larnaca, Cyprus, July 2007

First views (cellphone camera) of the city where I'm holidaying with my younger sister and her husband, who is from the island.

Bottom: views from our apartment window.

Middle: the Sea...

Top: The Church of Lazarus. has this to say about it:

"In the old town of Larnaca is St Lazarus's Church, with the relics of the Saint.
"Saint Lazarus is the patron saint of Larnaca. After his resurrection by Christ, he lived here for another 30 years. He was ordained Bishop of Kition by saints Barnabas and Mark.
"His relics are located in this church, created in his honor.
"The church was built in the ninth century by Emperor Leo VI and was faithfully restored in the 17th century, and the iconostasi is an excellent example of Baroque woodcarving.
"Its white painted belfry is highly distinctive and escaped the Turkish ban on such structures.
"It has four domes over the nave and the roof is supported on four sets of double columns. The pulpit is uniquely placed in one of these columns and is lavishly decorated in gilt. In another column there is a silver icon from 1659, with a picture of St Lazarus. There are also good paintings of the Virgin and Child and St George and the Dragon. The iconostasis or screen between the altar and the main church is a good example of wood carving in the Baroque style.
"Eight days before Greek Orthodox Easter, the icon of St Lazarus is taken in procession through the streets of Larnaca."

Waiting for the Ferry, Tasucu, Turkey

Well, I couldn't just sulk in my motel room for 23.5 hours waiting for the next ferry to Cyprus, could I? Especially as it was a 1-star. So I went out with the cellphone camera.

Bottom: my feet hit the Mediterranean Sea for the first time in my life (as I recall).

Middle: Shore... and an old boat.

Top: One of many glass eyes whose purpose is to ward off the Evil Eye curse. But this superstition is found in many other places too, including Greek Cyprus, where I am now...