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Monday, 8 October 2007

Ushguli, August 2007

My American guest and I were walking through the village from top to bottom when, at the top of the bottom hamlet, we were asked by a young fellow if we'd like to climb up inside a watchtower.

I treat every such experience as a new adventure in photography, because the tower's small windows and thick walls give only narrow glimpses of the world outside. (Best to use as wide a lens as you have.) Thus every view from a watchtower is unique and treasured for me.

This week I have noticed the first viewer from each of three new countries - Qatar, South Africa and - today - Slovakia, the 54th country. Welcome! I also note that only now, after nearly 7 months of the blog's existence, is the USA - with a population some 70 times that of Georgia - catching up in viewer numbers to the latter.

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