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Saturday, 13 October 2007

Ipari, Svaneti, August 2007

This village is roughly halfway between Mestia and Ushguli. I suspect it doesn't get enough stops, is more of a place to pass through between the other two points. But Jeff and I stopped here on our June walk up - and lost the horse - and camped above it on our way back - and nearly lost the horse again. So it has some pretty special memories. There is also a beautiful old church with an exquisite chased gold icon and some wild frescoes, all of St George.

The long house at far left in the top shot belongs to the village's gamgebeli, or governor. Here is where we stayed on the way up in June.

Here I pause to say: Happy Birthday dear A! I'll be trying to call you a little later in the day. Hope you have a great day. Wow, a year has passed since G & I were able to be there for the last one. Is it stinking hot there yet? We're slipping mildly into fall, but it's still warm enough in Tbilisi to contemplate outdoor swimming.
Lots of love,

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