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Thursday, 11 October 2007

Salt for Svaneti[a], Part I (silent film)

Parts II & III & details below.

A hint for watching these rather long videos (c. 17 minutes each): let each chapter buffer or load for a while (half or more) before starting to watch it, then it can run without stopping to load the rest.


Nimrod said...

I discovered your blog thru a google alert for Svaneti. I and my partner spent 5 days there the end of August . We stayed in Lenjeri With Shalva and Nargis Gulidani . We also traveled to Ushguli. Because of the cost we looked for and found people to share the hired vehicle and driver. By chance a group of four
Georgian woman on vacation. One of whom is the granddaughter of the family with the key to the church and the museum. So we had the honor and pleasure of a "supra" in Ushguli. I real fell in love with the area ,the spirit and hopes and aspirations of the people we met.
My partner a ameteur photographer took sev eral hundred photos a few of which I would be happy to send if you have any interest. How is the teaching going? Is it part of a program or privite interprise.

Petros said...

Tony, it has been quite some time. I trust you are well. I have been trying to get a hold of this film forever. Thanks for posting it. Any idea where an original is available for purchase?
Do send my greetings to my friends in Svaneti

NicolasVérin said...

Thanks a million for posting this. It is a wonderful film, both in terms of content and form.
I was in Svanetia a month ago, and it was a great dicovery. I had been several times in Georgia before, but this was even more special.I am presently in Tbilisi (july-aug. 2010)
I hope you are doing well and would like to contact you.
Nicolas (