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Thursday, 6 September 2007

the W()RD: Ginger Ice Cream

A recipe. From Tbilisi, where it's 34 C in the shade now.

1. For those who have powdered or dried ginger, throw it away and say to yourself, "Never again."
2. Take your vanilla ice cream out of the freezer and soften it up on the counter until you can stir it with some difficulty with a big spoon. Spoon it into a bowl.
3. Grate some fresh ginger root in a cheese grater, either on fine or, failing that, coarse setting.
4. Mix about 1 Tbsp of the grated ginger into each 1/2 litre of ice cream, or to taste. ("To taste" is the fun part.)
5. Re-spoon the ice cream back into its container. Re-freeze it, stirring occasionally to prevent ice crystals from forming. That's it, all done. Spicy-hot and cold at the same time! Other variations: Chinese 5-spice powder, cinnamon-allspice-nutmeg, any of the "sweet" curry ingredients such as cardamom or cloves - these should all be freshly ground rather than whole or bought as powders.

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