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Friday, 7 September 2007

Svaneti, July 2007

This one too is a brand new scan - I just finished assembling it from 2 frames a few minutes ago. I may post more photos later, but at least you have this one for today.

On my July visit to Ushguli I was able to walk up the pass which gives one views of Ushba and Shkhara and one side, with Ushguli far below and even K'ala village off in the distance, and the Lentekhi region of Svaneti on the other.

I left at about 6 a.m. with little planning - meaning no breakfast eaten or taken, foolishly. Just some water. It was a good 4.5-hour slog, up to the Tamara fortress first, then past it. One section had plants up to chest height, with rather uneven ground hidden underneath them - not easy walking. That past, all I had to contend with was weakness from the altitude and lack of food since last night's supper! Press on, step by step, marvelling at the view. I even had my tripod along for making a 360-degree panorama from the pass, the second such I've made and the first using a tripod.

This was the hardest walk I've done in Svaneti due to feeling so weak, but the landscapes drove me on. I made the panorama - 15 shots this time instead of a handheld 17 - and descended. And on my way down I found this magnificent little spring-fed pond, nicely reflecting Shkhara! Bonus, and the water was drinkable as well.

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