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Friday, 28 September 2007

Svaneti Walk, June 2007 (top to bottom)

After Ipari (the first time the horse ran away, also unavaliable on film because THIS reality show doesn't have anyone other than its 2 stars filming it), finishing in Ushguli.

Video 1 - a lone tower on a river, the Maiden Tower of Svaneti, in which legend has it that a girl's father imprisoned her because he didn't like her suitor, and in which she aparently died.

Video 2 - entering the part of the road I call the "Mordor Section" for its gloom, slate rock and general closed-in feeling. After K'ala, not far from Ushguli.

Video 3 - settling in at the Ratianis' guesthouse, Ushguli.

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