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Monday, 24 September 2007

Khevsureti, Georgia, October 2000

Move over for a while, Svaneti.

In the summer of 2000 I was given the opportunity to run a large medical aid programme for refugees in Georgia. The main doctor in our work turned out to be a Svan who became my best friend in the country, Nodar. He is the one who opened his province - Svaneti - to me, his friends and family being widely distributed there.

Before we travelled to Svaneti, though, there was another place I wanted as much to try to reach in Georgia: Shatili, at the top of Khevsureti, another ancient architectural jewel, as fascinating to me as Ushguli was.

These photos - and more to follow - are a record of the first of three attempts at Shatili. October 2000 gave us stunning fall scenery, but due to the Chechen war bordering Khevsureti, we were turned back by Georgian police fearing for my safety a few tens of kilometres from Georgia's fabled other village of towers.

I have two friends in the UK who are looking at getting involved in village life in Khevsureti - she has bought a house there, and in a few days they'll be married in England. K&P, these are in honour of you, with love and best wishes and God's blessing for your life together.

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P said...

Dear Tony

thank you, didi madloba, tashakor and dioch for your encouragements and inspirations! After some tricky days at work it has been refreshing to look at your pictures (and these latest of Khevsureti have been very timely) to be cheered by the thought of the adventures Katy and I (& God) have ahead of us, together!

glad to be your friend