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Wednesday, 16 May 2007

"New" church and Ushba, Etseri, March 2007

(Well, I shot 12 rolls of film on that trip. So I have a lot of images to choose from.)

A favourite view of mighty Ushba; the mountain looks so different from 90 degrees away, near Mestia, that I wouldn't have thought it was the same mountain at all.

The church is called "new" because it's "only" eight centuries or so old, apparently built in Queen Tamar's time. It was recently restored. Its carved wooden doors are said to have come from the "old" church (c. 6th century, ruined).


Daugther of the KING said...

hey Tony!
this is Lenna .I used to live with the Bates in Goerigia! How are you???
it's awesome to see you have your blog now!!!!!

Tony Hanmer said...

Hi Lenna,
I'm great, how & where are you? Thanks about the blog - it's a fun thing to add to it every day. What's new?