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Friday, 5 June 2009

Wedding photos, 7 (last)

The restaurant we chose for the reception was by the wholehearted recommendation of our friend whose son and daughter had both married there last year.  Great food in abundance for 200 guests, great service, reasonable prices, great programme organised by our friends, all had a wonderful time.

All pics by Nino Narozauli, see (and don't worry if you can't read or display Georgian)

From the top:
Candles and Svan watchtower at our table

My parents, who had come from across the world with my sister Gill

A pair of dolls representing Lali and me, pinned to the backs of our chairs, nicely mimicking our feelings of delighted exhaustion by the time it was all over

Cutting the cake (decorated specially for us by Hannah Gintz:  yum!) just before our departure

The End for now, as the happy couple are Whereabouts Unknown on honeymoon... But more general photos from me to follow, of course!

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