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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Racha, Georgia

Welcome to Trinidad & Tobago, visitor country number 106!

... So I realised that the photo in the last post had already appeared in the wedding photos from some days ago, and deleted that last post, replacing it with this one.
In short, I had earlier deleted a Draft version of the 7th wedding photos post, and in doing so inadvertently also deleted the photos from the non-Draft version.  Which is why they don't show up in the post.  Sorry.  And now I'm on moneyhoon with my love, away from the desktop computer which has the rest of the wedding photos, so you'll have to wait a while before I can replace those missing photos.

In the meantime, here are some new shots (cellphone) from Racha, where we were for a few days recently.  First in Oni, the region's capital town, then we walked 10 km or so up to Mravaldzali, which calls itself Europe's second highest village after Ushguli.  Not sure if that's true, but the views of the Caucasus from it are stunning.  And it's where Lali's family comes from, so she was welcomed with open arms.  More to follow.


Anonymous said...

tsk - why are you worrying about blogging when you are on your honey moon? [o
have you ever heard of the adage "happy wife, happy life"? live by that and have many happy years - this is the only advice i would ever pass onto a newly wed!
and being female - it's true, oh, so true!

sparrow said...

Lovely photo of Lali. The background looks like Austria

Anthony (Tony) Hanmer said...

I'm being careful not to blog too much at the moment, but she's not against it. & yes, I have heard of that adage, Deborah, and believe in it... Point taken, thanks.

Anna said...

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