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Thursday, 4 September 2008

People of Georgia

Today was the first morning since August 8 when neither Georgia nor Russia was a featured story in Google News online. Not to say that there's no news about them, however. Things continue to develop on a daliy basis. As of today it's impossible for Georgian citizens to get Russian visas in Tbilisi, for example, and likely similar in Moscow for most Russians wanting to go to Georgia.

As for today's photos form my archive: I was at the funeral of the lady in the wheelchair in January this year, in Etseri, Svaneti; the fortress is that of the Dadeshkeliani family in Etseri, featuring the tallest watchtower in Svaneti, copied in Tbilisi's open-air architectural Ethnographic Museum; the headstone (of my great friend Nodar's father) uses a photograph of mine in typical Georgian style.

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