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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

People of Georgia

Only one image today - but it's the first posting from my new digital camera, a Canon EOS slr. (Many thanks, NWB, for your help with this. You've finally achieved my switch to digital!)

This is from the Georgian "Peace Chain" which was formed around and across the country on September 1 - people holding hands to protest Russia's recent involvement in Georgia and to stand for the country's wholeness. I was in the Kakheti region with friends when this was happening. It was a brave front, but relations between the 2 countries continue to deteriorate. There's now no diplomatic contact between them, requiring intermediaries for them to talk; visa requirements have changed; and of course, the flights and postal service which were restored only this March after several years' absence are cut again since the war started. Day by day things change as we wait, watch and pray.

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