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Friday, 26 September 2008

Hard at Work

THIS is what I can do with the new digital camera. If I set up my laptop right, I can have the story out on the blog in minutes instead of the next day, from practically anywhere, by mobile internet. Stills or video. Your Roving Reporter is gearing up in the new Georgia.

Visited an Armenian friend of mine yesterday, a jeweller - someone was having a ring resized. Ashot works from home, in the concrete jungle at the edge of Tbilisi not far from the new American Embassy. He cut two rings with a small saw, and added a section from one to the other. Nice, neat work, which I'd never seen done before. Then he refused money for his work - always a risk here when one goes to a friend for business! But I can play that game too, with a gift of a photograph, say.

The last shot is the view from where he works - not pretty, but at least there are hills for hiking a few minutes' walk away, with views of the old capital, Mtskheta.

And welcome to the first visitor from Barbados! Your country is Number 90 on the list - counting up to 100...

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