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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Best View in the Caucasus...?

(Welcome to the newest countries to stop by the blog: Cayman Islands and El Salvador!)

Only one picture for now, but it's a recent favourite, a scanned film 2-frame panorama from early this year. Ushguli, of course, the top part - Zhibiani, with Mt. Shkhara, highest in Georgia at just over 5000 m, lit by sunset. It's actually about 7 km from the village; its great height and the air's clarity make it seem a short walk away.
The mountain to the right is Lamaria, 1 km or so above the village, and at its base is Lamaria Church and tower.
The left-most complete house is the Ratianis', where I wintered from November 23, 2007 to February 23, 2008; its lone window at left is from my bedroom.

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