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Sunday, 6 April 2008

The WORD: Ratianis Online!!!

Today, after much struggle, I got the blog of my host family in Ushguli up and running, a dream for a long time. Their guesthouse can be found at:
I will be developing this site further from Tbilisi soon, but for now it's enough.
Welcome to Ushguli! The Ratianis at Lileo Guesthouse are at your service!


lcodington said...

Hey, Tony. I met you in Baku something like 10 years waited outside in the snow for a couple of hours before Deanna and I finally showed up...I guess that was good preparation for where you are now! Wow. I'm impressed that you are there - and for as long as you've been.

Bless you. Lewis Codington, Frankin, Tennessee

Tony Hanmer said...

Hi Lewis,

Time flies! Good to hear from you again. More pics and words to follow - stay tuned.