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Monday, 17 March 2008

Roadblock Redux

My photos from the blocked road made it onto Rustavi 2 national TV's morning news last week the day after I took them and posted them to my blog - pretty good use of technology! I was also interviewed by cellphone in Georgian, and a snippet of that accompanied the photos.

Having heard rumours that the caterpillar was finally on its way from Mestia or Ipari (c. 44 or 20 km away), I made the trek down to the road blockages again today to have a look. Between the lower, main blocked section - now cleared - and a smaller but still car-impassable area sat the machine, "upatrono" (without a keeper). I took some pictures using the timer (see below), with me (5'6" in my boots) in them for scale this time, shot a video clip, and returned home to Ushguli. This is not a place to linger - slate rock was falling gently the whole time I was there, a few pieces big enough to take my head with them.

Home, the story emerged that the caterpillar had broken down, and its driver had gone back to Mestia for parts via the accompanying car. So, we're close to having our road back - tomorrow or the day after, all things being equal. THANKS!

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