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Saturday, 22 September 2007

Birthday, 2

Hmmm, this 34-MB file is taking rather long to upload, 100 minutes so far, a LOT more than 3x longer than the 11-MB first file did. Probably because of its size (also, it's 640 x 480 pixels in dimensions, like the first one was). Ah well, I'll just let it run its course; then I have 2 more for your happy ocasion. After that, I'll try regular posting from the numerous video clips I began shooting this May, mostly in Svaneti. This is cool!

(Later... MUCH later) Having left the file to upload and finding it still doing so some 4 hours later, I abandoned it and re-rendered it at 1/2 the pixel dimensions. (640x480 is much too large for the blogger-size viewscreen anyway.) Was there a glitch somewhere? I suspect there was; possibly bandwidth reduced to a thread. Nonetheless, trying again at this more practical size, which seems to be humming along nicely. Sorry, this tech talk may be boring for you, birthday person and other viewers, but at least it lets you in on the process leading up to successful uploads of my videos.

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