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Saturday, 30 June 2007

The w()rd: Let's talk Turkey

Because that's where I am at the moment, en route to Cyprus after 23 hrs on a bus, which got me to the ferry terminal 1/2 hr late for the day's crossing (no one's fault). ;Scuse me ıf my typıng,s a bıt messed up, but I thought I,d emulate the frustratıons of a dıfferent keyboard layout for you.

Some notable place names in Turkey:
Batman ('nuff said)
Hayrat, home of the infamous hayrat (insert your own story here, best one wins a prize)
Of. Just Of. Origin place of such famous phrases or uses (here presented in their original versions) as:
- What are you thinking, Of?
- Is this milk a bit Of?
- the On/Of switch
- Of to the races
- The Sound of Of music
- poised to take Of

I also passed by Tarsus, birthplace of one Saul (later Paul), who wrote most of the New Testament though he was a major enemy of the Christıans before that. Have to stop there next time.

Another fascinating sıgn I noticed is for the Elif Un Fabrikası (Transl.: Elif Un Factory), where everything is unmade, undone, all words beginning with un having their origin here.

Finally, Final Tea comes from this part of the world - its name evoking strange feelings that this cup of tea would be my last. Such a Final name, isn't it?

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