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Monday, 25 June 2007

Back from "A Walk on the Wild Side"

After several weeks of absence, leaving pre-drafted posts for friends to post for me while I was away from the internet, I'm back. 111 km of walking through magnificent Svaneti with a friend, our baggage on a horse which eventually earned the name Nightmare. There's plenty to show and tell, including material from 7 rolls of film and about 1/2 hr of video footage from my cellphone, some of which I hope to post to youtube and link to the blog. But first I'm soon off again, to Cyprus for about 3 weeks of holiday with family. As my situation in Tbilisi is curently "between apartments", with all my stuff in limbo/storage until mid-July, blog posting might be expected to be a bit thin for a while. But never fear - I do actually have a lot of extra material ready in the wings to keep you entertained until the new Svaneti images are ready. So stay tuned, faithful

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