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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

the W()RD

While we're on an anagram thing, here are a few more I've discovered, from names of famous people:

Shota Rustaveli = author saves lit
(He was the Shakespeare of Georgia in its Golden Age, author of The Knight in the Panther Skin. How many languages are there whose poetry can have *6* rhyming syllables at the end of so many lines?! Of course, this feature dosn't translate into any other language; but the available translated versions are nonetheless treasures.)

Sir Isaac Newton = raw sciensation

Josef Stalin = jails soften

Benoit B Mandelbrot = ornamented blob bit
Champion of all things fractal, including the Mandelbrot Set, which his anagram reflects.

(Yes, I use software in my anagram searches.)


Nikoloz said...
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Nikoloz said...

Really good anagrams! I like tham :) :D Looking forward to seeing more of these.