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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

the w()rd (taking over from TOTD)

My daily feature, Typo of the Day (TOTD) is in need of expansion to include other linguistic games and points of interest. So I'm relaunching it as "the w()rd".

Today: Anagrams on the title of the blog, geosynchronicity -

Cryogenic shin toy
Hot iconic synergy
Noisy coy retching
He's got cynic irony
They scorn icing, yo!
Recoin cosy thingy
In icons they go cry
Yogis on ethnic cry
Stern, icy hog? Icy, no!
Cony, tigerish cony
Ostrich eying cony
Oh, it's no grey cynic
Sit yon on chic grey
Honing society cry
NYC is itchy Oregon
NYC is hectoring, yo!
O, isn't he coy, crying!
or he's toying, cynic
O sing! Echo tiny cry!
His cry: "No city -- gone!"

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