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Sunday, 1 April 2007

Waterfalls, lower Svaneti, December 2000

When we're en route to whichever Svan village we'll stop in, I'm loath to ask Nodar to stop the car for a shot, because there are so many of them that we'd never arrive. But either he stopped here anyway, or I did ask him to. Tripod was necessary for a slow enough shutter speed to blur the water nicely. There are many waterfalls in the mountains, some temporary and seasonal, others large enough to be permanent.

I also remember having to clear away garbage left at the site before I could shoot! This is more than a pet peeve. I always have something to say about this, and know how to make my comments painfully memorable, e.g. "If Georgia is, as the legend goes, the piece of land which God was keeping for himself, how come you guys are defiling it like this?" "Nodar, your people are sick! Here's the evidence! No excuses!" "Hmm, do Georgians LIKE living in a rubbish bin of their own making?" Rant, rant, rant. Gets results, though.

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