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Monday, 2 April 2007

An expedition by horseback above Etseri in the direction of famous Mt. Ushba, August 2001

(Top) The shack where we slept the night, temporarily used by farmers during the busy season. No electricity; dirt floor; wood heating, water by stream. But snug and cosy.

(Going down) Another example of: great excitment at the scene before me, shooting quite a few frames; disappointment with the prints from negative - too contrasty!; delighted rediscovery from scanning the negs. Ushba reflected: what a gift. The clouds just add drama for those who know how fickle and shy this mountain can be.

On the way back, overnight above Etseri; next morning, watching the scene emerge from clouds below.

Ancient church, isolated but not by any means forgotten or unused.

Trying for maximum layering of information with my 24mm wideangle lens, from close cracked pond mud to pond bottom to reflection to reality.

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nini said...

it is unbelievable country, isnt it?