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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Sherborne, Dorset, UK, January 2010

Espresso, meet capuccino. Tony, meet Ruth

Tony trying in vain to blow out the blasted self-relighting candles on his birthday cake, to the endless amusement of Anne Charlotte, June, Karen and Mark, with Lali behind the camera lens

Yummy mince-stuffed cabbage rolls, part of my birthday supper, which was mostly delicious and sorely missed Georgian food


anna said...

Happy Birthday to you!
I've really enjoyed your photos & stories from Georgia. Have you settled in the UK now, or will you be going back to Georgia? Warm greetings to your wife Lali too!


Anthony (Tony) Hanmer said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes and greetings!! Glad you like the photos.
We're not settled permanently in the UK - will be back in Georgia eventually.

sparrow said...

Tell Lali I desparately want to learn how to make cabbage rolls. What is the Georgian version of the filling and do you cook the cabbage leaves first then roll the filling into them?

Paul said...

Romanians call the stuffed cabbage "Sarmalute." I loved it when I used to eat meat,.. it is delicious with sour cream :)