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Monday, 6 July 2009

Nr Mravaldzali, Racha, Georgia

"... Here he goes again with the cracked paint, must be cracked himself..."

It happened on the 10-km walk UP (no downhills at all, just UP) from the Oni road to Mravaldzali: Halfway up, in a nearly abandoned village, I came across this fence made of large metal panels. All painted some years ago, and all with perfect cracks covering them. I told Lali that if I had the money and space I'd buy the lot and put them on permanent display somewhere as a monument, the best examples of cracked paint I've seen in my life. I took quite a few shots, and even played with symmetries on all of the results. Here are a few, if you'll indulge me, with the symmetrical version in both cases preceeding the original.

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Smorg said...

Wow... Some coolest arts just happen naturally, ay? :o) Good catch (as always)!