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Monday, 16 March 2009


I was very pleased to be able to blog daily from the difficult location of Ushguli on this last visit, even though this sometimes required multiple posts with dates successive days in the future due to the problematic electricity. One issue for which I had no easy fix, though, was the crashing of the 2nd hand laptop I was using, a gift from an uncle in the UK last summer. This machine was probably doing more than it was capable of - I tend to push computers hard. It often restarted without warning. But I knew I was beaten when "Error loading operating system" flashed up in white on an otherwise black screen. Time for a boot from CD - which I couldn't provide, not having made one in advance. The big crash happend only hours after I'd posted 5 future-dated blog entries, though, so everything LOOKS nice and seamless.
I'm now in Mestia, capital town of Svaneti, and will return to Tbilisi tomorrow, dead laptop in tow, to have it looked at by the experts. I'll still try to post something to the blog tomorrow late afternoon, though, once I reach the city.
Stay tuned, faithful followers!

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