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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Ushguli, Svaneti, Georgia

Welcome to visiting country no. 95 - Luxembourg - and my new total of 5 blog followers... Will I reach 100 cuntries as the total number of visitors hits 10000?! It's not far off now.

I seem to be stuck on this slow shutter speed thing. Yesterday evening I took in some of the daily footie (a.k.a. soccer), which takes place conveniently close to my house. I stuck to blur as my approach to the subject, panning with the camera to show motion but also to stop anything in the frame which was moving at roughly the same velocity as the camera was. Rest assured, those of you who are getting motion-sick from all the streaks: I'll move on soon, or at least mix in some more still images. (My new blog profile photo is also from yesterday, shot in a mirror.)

This morning was -11 C, a bit colder than yesterday, after a night of light snow and partly clear skies. Nothing for a Canadian. The evening gave us a quick glimpse of only one bright object in the sky - Venus, I think - before clouds obscured it.

Stay tuned, faithful visitors.

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