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Friday, 19 December 2008

Back from Internet Exile

So I thought I'd got it all sorted out for internet on computer by mobile up in faraway Ushguli. Last year I also had problems but after about 12 days of phone calls back & forth to Magti (cellphone operator in Georgia) I was on. NOT this time. 17 days with no internet... Not that I'm a junkie or anything, but I DO like to stay in touch. Lali was up there with me at least...

But I had pressing reasons to return to Tbilisi before western Christmas, so here I am for a several weeks' break. Back online.

Photos top to bottom:

Zakro sharpening an axe, Temo holding the grinder down, Anzor looking on; sparks intensified by using a slow shutter speed

The tower at right collapsed earlier this year - c'mon, government, these are ancient national treasures, DO something!

View from the museum window

Orthodox Church bell from the 19th century, which was when the village last had a priest

Zakro shaving a newly- slaughtered piglet (most of its hair came off under boiling water)

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