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Monday, 8 September 2008

A New Book about Georgia

Just in time, while the world's attention is focused on Georgia, comes a new book from it and about it. A love story... Georgian-Russian at that. Reissued on Sept. 21 by a good friend and fellow Svaneti fanatic, Peter Nasmyth. See details at and note, incidentally, the company logo design, which I contributed during my recent visit to Peter in London. The book is also on Amazon at

I'm off to Kakheti again until Wednesday. More images to follow then, stay tuned.


Roman Tskhovrebadze said...

Hello Tony

I am really surprised by your blog, that's a great chance to promote Svaneti and whole Georgia all around the world. thankds for that actions.

keep spirit

Roman (from Edinburgh)

Anthony (Tony) Hanmer said...

Saw Sopo today. Sorry it took me so long to give her your letter, but I've been around the country quite a lot since I returned - off to Svaneti soon, I hope.
Not too wet & cold in Edinburgh, I trust...?

Roman Tskhovrebadze said...

thanks a lot Tony,

This blog is really amazing, I think it's one of the best Georgian blog.

you can ask him to put your address in list of blogs: one of the most visited blog in Georgia.

have a nice day in Tbilisi and wish you good way back in Svaneti.

Edinburgh is wet as usual