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Friday, 29 August 2008

People of Georgia

My flight from Riga to Tbilisi last night was just over 1/3 full, which would have been really nice for sleeping arrangements if it was longer than a few hours' duration. The suitcase which I had asked London to send all the way to Tbilisi, bypassing a bit of hassle for me in Riga, was there. Someone was waiting for me. It was 24 degrees C, early in the fairly quiet morning dark. I was home at last.

This morning, some confusion over what time it was - an hour later than I'd been told. 8 or so Americans came to the guesthouse where I stay in Tbilisi shortly after I arrived, in the early morning, but I wasn't asleep yet. (They're here to get involved in cooking and food aid for refugees in Gori.) A car alarm ringing its changes before 9 this morning made me think for the umpteenth time of the song "If I had a rocket launcher..." So, up too early, but life goes on with that.

I hope to start posting new images of the new Georgia as soon as possible, instead of the ones from my large back catalogue which were all I had to post from the UK when the war began.

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