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Friday, 27 June 2008

Luara Aprasidze, 1963-2008

This was one funeral I had to miss, being away in the UK now.

Luara Aprasidze was the youngest of 4 children, never married, and a good friend of mine. She grew up in this house, in Ladreri, Svaneti, and often hosted me there - it's become a home to me in the village. She hated having her photograph taken, and rarely consented. But here she is: in the top photo, far right, with other immediate family members, in 2001. Her surviving brothers and sister are the 3 at left. Her father and brother-in-law, also both deceased, are to the right of them, and the rest are nieces and nephews. In the bottom photo, seated front left, in 2002. I don't think I have any other photographs of her.

Luara got cancer some time ago, spent a while in Tbilisi, and died there a few days ago. Her funeral was yesterday, in Etseri. I last saw her about a month ago, soon before I left Tbilisi - she was still on her feet, and I had hoped to see her again in August. Not to be.

A beautiful woman, brave soul, far too critical of herself, hiding many gifts. Rest in peace, dear sister, and see you in heaven, I believe.

Indonesia picures will be back soon.

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