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Thursday, 17 January 2008

More from New Year's Day (Old), Jan. 14, as well as the next few days afterwards, from the bottom up:

Lile with part of the feast in the morning light, including (left of centre) the remains of my massive birthday cake

Me in traditional Svan costume

Football in a spectacular setting, with cows for an audience

Beauty and the beast: young lady with roast piglet's head

A visiting heliskiing team of 14 from Germany... paying $2700 per hour total for the machine, 3 pilots, a guard, a fuel truck, etc. They had a great morning on our virgin slopes.


hope&fear said...

gamarjoba svano kaco! :D

tony rogor aris "gmarjoba" svanurad? and "rogor xar"?
ყოველთვის ძალიან სასიამოვნოა შენი სურათების და ბლოგის ნახვა!!
დიდი მადლობა.

jsi said...

So do you really eat the head or is it just a symbolic inclusion on in the meal? All I can say is, well, yuck.
You have a very intersting post today - great pics!

Tony Hanmer said...

I had a hard enough time posting to the blog at all in Ushguli, & wasn't able to catch many of the comments. Sorry...
"Gamarjoba" in Svan is "Khocha ladegh" and "Rogor xar" is magwart xari". Hope this helps - get a native speaker to help with pronunciation!

Anna said...

In winter the Caucasus are severe! Cyprus travel