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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

the W()RD: Magti Mobile Modem!

This is a historic occasion: the first blog entry I'm posting while connected to the internet using my cellphone as my computer's modem! I connected at 0910 Tbilisi time on November 14, 2007, via Magti:
This means that I can continue blogging - and generally stay in touch via internet - while in Ushguli for the winter... a dream come true. Not cheap, but worth every tetri.
Currently waiting for the snowed-in road from K'ala to Ushguli to open up - departure imminent, Nov. 16 possible.
Stay tuned!


don_veto said...

Careful with your telephone bills, they could skyrocket now that you are connected by mobile.

Tony Hanmer said...

Oh, I'll be careful all right. Good advice. But as connection is a need, I count it a necessary expense, at least for email and the blog.