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Saturday, 15 September 2007

Svaneti, July 2007

More from my Ushguli-K'ala walk on July 28.

Bottom: Svan roadkill. This led to...

Next up: one of a set of shots of me walking. Wide angle lens pointed down and slow shutter speeds to blur the motion.

Top 2: a couple of frames from near K'ala, the top one with Ushba's first appearance from the road. In this shot, the path near centre is the beginning of a 1/2 hour climb up to Kvirike Church, where Kvirikoba happens every year on July 28.

Today I leave again for Ushguli, just for 2 or 3 days via Lentekhi, with some kind friends who are Land Rovering my winter things up for me. I hope to move to the village by the end of October. I think this will mark my first visit to Svaneti in a September. Here's a link to keep you busy until I return:
There you'll find a realtime feed of the photos being added to from around the world. It's somewhat habit-forming.

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