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Monday, 16 July 2007

the W()RD: Talking Turkey again

July 14-16, 2007

Time to make the long trek home from south Cyprus to Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. This required:

- a multi-user taxi from Larnaca to the border crossing in Nicosia;
- a walk of about 1 km with my luggage through the border to a bus stop;
- the 1/2 hr bus to the ferry terminal at Kyrenia;
- the 2 1/2 hr ferry to Tasucu, Turkey (not for the weak of stomach, which fortunately I am not; the 2nd most expensive part of the journey, at about US$42);
- a 2 hr bus to Mersin;
- a 22 hr bus to Trabzon (slept better this time than on the outward journey; this was the most expensive leg of the trip at about US$50);
- a 3 1/2 hr bus to Hopa;
- a 1/2 hr minivan to the Tr-Ge border at Sarp;
- crossing the border on foot;
- a 1/2 hr minivan to the centre of Batumi, Georgia;
- a 15-minute minivan to the Batumi Railway station;
- an 8-hour train to Tbilisi, at least with a bed in a 4-berth cabin.

Amazing what complications a cheapskate traveller with only his own comfort to consider will achieve! This was conceivable only because I could carry my luggage for the walking bits.

More notes from Turkish signs:

- Dagwood and Blondie used as men's/women's WC signs at a gas station in central Turkey;
- Turkish petrol station chains named Starpet and Yuropet (at least there was no Carpet or Housepet);
- the question on all of Turkey's mind: Can Batman baris? (See picture...)

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