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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

the W()RD

Today's W()RD is


-jennifer- said...


It's so strange...

Today I was watching (because a friend was watching) this video on Italy and I was like "wow, I really want to go to Italy". Not just because it's pretty but because of the spiritual seems very interesting, and the culture..

And then I randomly look at your page and you just happen to post pictures of Italy when you are like in Georgia and I was expecting to see Georgia pictures.

It's just really interesting.

But they are cool pictures by the way.

Wow, I hope God sends me to Venice...that could be pretty exciting.

:-) I hope you're doing really well, and thanks for the great pictures!

blessings, jenniko

Tony Hanmer said...

Coincidence? Some would say it must be. We think differently.

Thanks for the compliments. 4 days, 6 rolls of film, words fail me (thus all the pictures, I suppose).

Venice is the most expensive city in Italy, but if you're meant to go there, that's no obstacle. So check it out, direction-wise. I'll be writing a bit more of what I think of the city in the next while.