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Friday, 13 April 2007

Zimbabwe, October 2006:
Elephants and heron, Lake Kariba
In October 2006 my sister and I had the chance to return to a country we had left as children 29 years earlier: Zimbabwe. Our father was born there, and there our mother died in a car accident. We were shielded from the funeral, and never actually taken to her grave, so we missed saying a final goodbye to her. This journey was that goodbye, which we accomplished near the beginning, leaving us the rest - nearly three weeks - to reacquaint ourselves with this country where we spent six years of our childhood. We were hosted throughout in grand style first by our older stepbrother, then by our younger stepsister.
(More photos to follow: I was seeing the country for the first time as both an adult and a photographer, so I made the most of it!)

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