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Friday, 20 April 2007

Roadblock, outside Ushguli, August 2004

As on the first trip to this village, Nodar gave me only the morning hours of our next day to run around and take what photographs I could. I did that and resigned myself to being thankful. Armed with a big stick in hand against the fierce local guard dogs, I had set off soon after dawn so as to see as much as I could of the green season. Soon after midday we packed up, said our thankyous to Dato and Nanuli, and were away towards Mestia.
Just around the first bend, however, a huge rockfall changed everything. It must have happened soon before we departed, as no one had reported it yet. How many tons of rock? A hundred, a thousand? I'm no expert. It was enough to keep us firmly in place in Ushguli until heavy machinery could arrive from Mestia; that was the main thing. Was I sorry? Unconsolable. What on earth would I do with myself for... days, possibly?! Heh heh heh. How many rolls of film did I have? SEVENTEEN.

Tomorrow - extra time in Ushguli.

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